Thomas Ayko

We bought Jotun paint in Vestlandsrød several years ago while we were in Norway. We bought it because we really liked the color. We used it to paint woodwork on the outside of our house Now, we need more of the same color but it is virtually impossible for a private person to buy Jotun paint in Germany where we live. If we had the NCS code we could have it mixed here. Is there an NCS code for Vestlandsrød and could you reveal it to us? Thank you.

09/10/2019 16:00:13

Jotun LADY svarer:

Hi, Thomas 2142 Vestlandsrød ncs kode 4060-Y90R :-) 

10/10/2019 09:40:43

Thomas Ayko:

Thank you for your answer. There is just one problem - there is no 4060-Y90R. Did you mean S4050-Y90R? Sincerely, Thomas

10/10/2019 19:26:30

Jotun LADY svarer:

Hi, Thomas with and without S is a new and old recipe. The color  JOTUN 2142 Vestlandsrød was made before 1995 so it is an old recipe but the color with S should be almost the same.

11/10/2019 11:15:43
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