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Tilstøtende rom : Will be painted as well either in Pale Linden or a new colour you recommend.

Hi Good morning I hope you can help me. I am finding picking colours for my home much more difficult than I thought. a) I would like to paint my kitchen/dinning area in Pale Linden and my second living room/tv area in Antique Green. I would like to find a colour to go in the main living room area. I would like a colour that looks good against Pale Linden and Antique Green but looks warm and not too grey. B) I am also thinking of using Pale Linden in the entrance and the hallways. Do you think this would be too much? Can you please advise me? C)If this combination does not work at all please can you advise of another colour combination of 3 colours. I want the TV area to be cozy the dinning area to be frest and the (red area) to be cozy but lighter than the TV area. Note: Please ignore the red sofa the colour does not have to match with it I am getting rid of it. The 3 first pictures are the same as the second 3 pictures. Kind regards Kathryne

24/01/2023 07:16:13

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Hallo Kathryne

Together with  LADY 8281 Pale Linden and  LADY 7629 Antique Green will  LADY 20184 Thoughtful,  LADY 2011 Antique Brass LADY 2040 Lys Granitt or  LADY 12120 Desert Pink be nice warm tones for your living room ;)

Click on the color link where you can read more about the color tones, see larger images and find more inspiration for good combinations and recommended white tones. It is important that the colors are tested with your lighting conditions, floor and furniture. The floor is a large surface that plays an important role in how the colors are experienced.
Jotun's colors are specially adapted to Jotun's products. All our colors are developed with unique recipes specially adapted to Jotun's products. Jotun therefore guarantees correct color reproduction and quality only when using Jotun's products mixed over the Jotun Multicolor Color System. You can therefore be sure that the color you have chosen is the color you will get, when you choose Jotun's colors and products.

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